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    Overall, Vistaprint is a great online printer. It’s no wonder they’ve become so popular; they deliver high-quality products and a great overall user experience. While they aren’t the best online printing service we reviewed, they’re certainly better than most you’ll find, and may very well be your best bet for online printing depending on your deadline and which products you need printed. Vistaprint is a better online printer than most because they offer more; more products, more options to more satisfied customers.


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    I find it laughable that some people complain about being sent emails, etc. It’s a business. If you are operating a business, wouldn’t you love to have the power to send out updates on your services all the time? Wouldn’t you love for your company/brand to be the first thing people think about when they think of your service or product? is integral in branding/marketing my business. I have had people ask who I use and when I explain that it’s, they can’t believe an online company is responsible for the quality product I have on display. What you really need/want is someone to lay out your design, ensure compatibility, and require someone point out “things” that aren’t going to look good. If you want that, then stop taking the inexpensive way out and hire a printer for all of your printer needs. serves its purpose. While they are far from perfect in specific areas, they are perfect for my needs.
    Last point: If you’re getting married and want top of the line items for your special day, it may be a much better idea to go to a specific printer that deals solely on invitations. Yes, you’re going to pay more, but wouldn’t you rather go to a specialist than a general practitioner? It’s the same reason your GENERAL PRACTITIONER sends you to a specialist.


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    Among the online printing companies being reviewed, Vistaprint is the most popular. However, they have some lapses as well, and the rating on the customer service category played a big part. Overall, they bagged the 5th place, which is not bad at all.


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    It’s easy to see why VistaPrint is so popular, with almost all seven products we ordered raking well above average. VistaPrint is also the only site offering templates for everything we reviewed, making it ideal for on-site designing.


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    My complaint about my vistaprint order is not with the card order itself, my business cards arrived as expected. However I want to save you a boatload of money by encouraging potential customers to ignore the skillful marketing tactics that got me to spend $130 on 1000 cards, 50 business card magnets and 140 return address labels.All you really need is to order the bare minimum which is 250 cards. The reason being is you only need take a pic of one biz card to send via text message. Don’t get sucked into the skilfully timed marketing that occurs when placing your order because you don’t want to be a fool like me parting with $130 for a paper product in the digital age. Everyone I meet who is interested in my businesses card asks me to text them my business card because it’s easier for them access it whenever they need it. Nuff said


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    Inexperienced and Business owners beware! I should have known better. The customer service staff is inexperienced and when a problem arises one is transferred around the world. Truly around the world. I have been misleading with timing of building a custom business website. I would tell any major company please do not do business with Vista. They will miss lead you on timing, production, and promotions. When you call in to talk with a human being it is impossible to talk to anyone in management and all executives are outside of the US. I will share my experience with all business owners in the United States. Also, Vista you cost me time, credibility, and money therefore, I will be pursue a lawsuit against you.


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    “Website from Vistaprint are subject to approval.”

    We started using Vistaprint a few years after discovering them on the internet. Our experience with them has been positive. The only thing I did not like about them is that they canceled my website because of a credit mix up, but I still enjoy creating my own business cards, brochures and other business related item on their site and having them arrive when promised.


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    Vista Print offers low cost cards and lots of options and upgrades. Vista Print is arguably the largest and most well-known business cards brand. As such, they offer very low prices and lots of business cards options, including recycled paper, foil accents and “fold-over” business cards. However, compared to some of the other companies we’ve reviewed Vista Print offers lower quality business cards, which are smaller and thinner than the average card. They also charge for things that are usually included for free with your cards, such as uploading your logo and receiving a proof. While they do offer a free shipping option, their standard shipping time is longer than our one-week Market Standard.


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    When it comes to the quality of print, nothing beats the online printing services offered by The priority shipping costs may be a tad too high, but when you consider the fact that you are getting quality printing services, the price is well worth it.

    Perhaps the only downside to the online printing service offered by is that you will get numerous follow-up e-mails once you register an account on their site. Other than that, VistaPrint is an easy, affordable custom printing solution that both business and home users can take advantage of.


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    I always enjoy the products I order.

    Pros: Prices are great with all of the savings offers. Customer service is friendly and when my order arrives it’s like Christmas.

    Cons: I have a small issue with the door magnets not lasting very long 3 months and they started flaking. Need to find a better sealer for outdoor damage.



    In my opinion, VistaPrint is at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to online business card printing. Their service really isn’t that cheap once they finish nickle-and-diming you, and the cards didn’t turn out that great. I would only recommend VistaPrint if someone was on a stringent budget and was going to take advantage of their free business card offer. Overall, my grade for VistaPrint is a C-.


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    Vistaprint offers the full package for the small business owner or an individual with an event to promote. When you choose Vistaprint you can take advantage of a wide choice of products, professional attention, cost-effective prices and an easy-to-use interface.


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    The ‘free’ business cards are not really free at all and costs more to get 250 free than just buy a huge box full.


VistaPrint is a billion dollar company. With 13 offices and 3 facilities all over the world, Vista ships internationally. They are probably the biggest online printing company among our list. With the tagline "Make an impression" Vista helps microbusinesses standout in the market.

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Other Products Offered: Rack Cards, Gift Certificates, Loyalty Cards, Posters, Magnets, window Decals, Invitations, Labels, and Different Card Categories.

Other Services Offered: Website and E-mail Marketing Services, Stationery Printing, Clothing and Accessory Printing, Stamps and Inks, Novelty Items, Finance Products, Design Services, Postage Meters, and Other Business Services.

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